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12 Jul

Dưới đây là email của Thầy Craig Brogan –  một giảng viên rất kinh nghiệm và quen thuộc với rất nhiều trường quốc tế ở VN gửi đến thầy Hiệu trưởng Melior – Mr Paul. Đây chính là cảm nhận thật của một người thầy đã giảng dạy ở rất nhiều trường khác nhau đã có cái nhìn, đánh giá đầy khách quan về MBS. Mình hân hạnh đọc được những dòng này và post lên đây để cùng nhau chúng ta hiểu nhiều hơn về MBS, đồng thời đánh tan mọi nghi ngờ, mọi suy nghĩ và hành động không đúng nhằm vào MBS. Cảm ơn mọi người đã đọc!

“Hi Paul and All. Like the new branding very much.

You may know, as a part time lecturer, i get around a few schools.

Consistently i feel the presence of Melior as the school with the strongest spirit.

This school spirit is key to its success, and difficult to create. Being such an intangible thing, its important to recognise that this spirit comes from the people, and is a reflection of them. In my mind this is apparent more so at Melior than anywhere else i have taught, right through from the guy who parks my bike, the cleaning ladies, to the office staff, students and teachers.

The sense of spirit is long lasting and once created its a powerful entity.

 A short story to highlight this point,

Last Saturday, i was working with the Mercedes Trophy Final golf event in Mui Ne.
The presentation dinner was in the Grand Ballroom at the Sealinks Hotel.

 When i went to reception for help getting a taxi, a young lady behind the counter looked at me and smiled, i looked at her and thought i knew her, and then we both realised…..Melior.

 She ran around the counter and gave me a big hug, with tears of joy in her eyes.

I remember her when she was a very shy young girl in one of my first BAS classes. She had very poor skills and had to be pushed to participate. Now she is a beautiful young lady dressed in a fancy Ao Dai and working as a receptionist at a 5 star hotel. We looked at each other just like old friends. It was only then i realised how important it was to her life to have this job and that was no doubt made possible by her choice of school.

In this busy life we lead and the bustling metropolis we live in, few things surprise me anymore, however, this one small but beautiful moment really made me stop and think.

It really is a powerful entity.

Keep up the good work everybody,


mobile: +84 909 273 997
skype: craigbrogan

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